Three dogs sit on top of bales of hay in our dog walking field.

Terms & Conditions

Please make sure you have read these Terms & Conditions prior to booking and using the field. By booking a session at Go Frolic you are agreeing to these terms and conditions. No responsibility will be taken by the landowner or management for damage, injury, misadventure, or damage sustained to persons, property, or animals whilst using the dog park or on the property. Customers and visitors use the Field and associated areas at their own risk.

he new legislation affecting XL Bully type dogs has an implication for safety for customers and the general public. Whilst we welcome all breeds to Go Frolic, there are additional requirements for owners of this type of dog.  Please read our Restricted Breeds Policy at the end of these Ts&Cs if you are planning to bring such a dog to the field.

Go Frolic is the name of the 3.5 acre secure dog exercise field accessed east of Somersham Village Hall, Main Road, Somersham, Ipswich, Suffolk IP8 4PJ, referred to in this document as ‘the Field’.
‘Customers’ are individuals who have reserved a timeslot at the Field and have paid the appropriate fee, or who have paid to attend a one off event or class at the Field.
‘Visitors’ are all visitors to the Field, including customers. It may include adults or children accompanying the customer to the Field, or attending in place of the customer.
The ‘Operators’ refer to the managers/operators of the ‘Go Frolic’ business, or their agents.

The primary purpose of the business is to sell hire slots directly to customers via an online booking service. However, from time to time, the operators may hire the Field to third parties’, or hold public or invitational events run by the operators or by others. On such occasions, customers and visitors using the Field may also be subject to an additional set of terms of conditions, as required by the third party, to which they shall also adhere.
Failure to comply with the Terms of Hire is likely to result in loss of access to the Field.

The Field will be maintained to ensure the safety and health of all people and dogs. The grass will be mowed and any hazards, such as rocks or holes, will be dealt with. Customers and visitors are to understand that, whilst regularly mowed, the Field is like any other part of the countryside, in that natural hazardous issues such as the presence of ticks and grass seeds are a potential hazard.
We will inspect the Field and fencing regularly to maintain safety and security, but please inform us if you have any concerns. There are rabbits and badgers in the vicinity and holes under the fence can appear overnight. Please walk and check the perimeter fence yourself, before releasing your dog, if you are concerned.
Non-urgent matters should be directed to the email address: . For urgent matters call 07905 791207.
In line with the GDPR data protection law, all the data you provide to this company to use the secure field is given by your consent and is of legitimate interest so you can receive information about your booking.  It is also vital to have two contact details so we can reach in an emergency, such as a field closure.  Your information is never shared.   Our privacy policy (see website) sets out how we will use your data. We will never share it with third parties unless we have your express permission.

The entire perimeter of the Field is fenced with sturdy post and wire mesh fencing to a minimum height of 1.6m. Go Frolic secure dog field is not suitable for dogs that are capable of jumping over 1.6m or climbing fencing netting. It is the responsibility of customers and visitors to check this fencing is suitable for their dog upon arrival, before allowing their dog to leave the car.
All dogs must be regularly wormed and up to date with vaccinations.  Any sick dogs are prohibited from entering the Field. Do not bring your dogs to the Field if you suspect they are ill. We are not able to make checks on vaccination status of customer or visitors’ dogs , so the Field should be treated like any other footpath or open public space, in this respect,  with the same risks to your dogs.
Owners are responsible for the behaviour of their dog and must supervise them at all times while inside the Field.
It is a likely requirement that during events, dogs will need to kept on leads. If this is the case, it will be advertised ahead of the event, and signage will make this clear upon arrival.
Customers and visitors use the Field and associated areas at their own risk. Children are welcome but must be supervised at all times by an adult. Customers should ensure that children do not climb on the fencing or on any structure inside the Field, as they are not designed to be used as play equipment. Allowing children to play on any features on the Field is at your own risk and the operators accept no liability for any resulting injury.
Please ensure suitable clothing and footwear are worn. This is a farm field, which may be uneven, muddy and there are sometimes thistles, so please wear study footwear or wellies

Customers should make online reservations in advance to use the Field, with a maximum of 10 dogs allowed at any one time. 
All bookings are to be made only through the website Payment must be made on the website at the time of booking by credit/debit card. All bookings MUST to be made prior to arrival. Bookings can be made up to 5 mins before a booking slot commences.
Hire comprises exclusive use of the Field, so there will be no other people or dogs inside the Field during your slot.
No sub-letting of the Field is allowed. Anyone wanting to hire it on a professional basis can do so with the management’s permission.

The maximum number of dogs allowed at one time is 10, as standard. But there are exceptions. When there are occasional events such as breed meet up events, training sessions, e.g. Gun Dog training workshops, annual open days, or fun dogs shows, increased numbers are allowed.
Any outside ‘contractors’ such as Dog Trainers that we choose to work in partnership with will be carefully selected, to ensure they are of good reputation and operate safely. An agreement will be put in place with any such contractors/trainers using the site. Evidence of their insurance policies will be required.

If you have to cut your appointment short, or do not turn up, you will still be charged for the full session booked. If you arrive late to your appointment, you must still leave when your appointment slot is finished.

If you arrive early, please wait in the village hall car park until your timeslot begins. Do not try to enter the car-park until your slot commences as there may be visitors inside attempting to load their dogs.
Do not enter the field until all previous customers/visitors have departed. The field will be used by some reactive/nervous dogs therefore visitors should not attempt to access the Field until it is empty, even if their timeslot has commenced. If you arrive for your allocated booked session and there is someone in the Field already, who does not appear to be leaving, then please call 07905 791207. Anybody who repeatedly overstays their session will be banned from the Field.
You may wait in the village hall car park if you are early for your timeslot. However, you must move your car into the Go Frolic car park at the commencement of your timeslot.
The farm track must be left clear at all times for agricultural vehicles. (The exception might be on event days when you maybe directed to use the overflow capacity of the Village Hall car park, or on the farm’s other meadows, as directed).
Once the gate is closed behind you, you can let your dogs off the lead safely, as long as you are satisfied the Field and its fencing are suitable for your dogs. It is your responsibility to ensure the gate is properly closed behind you.
Vehicles are left at your own risk. No responsibility for damage or accidents will be taken by the operators or land owners.

Each hire slot is 55 mins long. Your slot is expected to include the time needed to arrive, unload your dog(s), exercise, remove any poo, and then load your dog and leave the Field.  The 55 minute slot is the total time for your visit, not just for use of the Field.   
Time slots will be available dawn to dusk – the timeslots offered will vary according to the time of year/day length. In the summer the first slot will be 6am. The last slot will never be later than 9pm. The field will operate with reduced hours in winter, with the last slot likely to be 4pm as it is dark by 5pm. We do not wish visitors to use the field in darkness.
Choke chains, prong collars and electronic devices are not allowed. Harsh handling of dogs, either verbal or physical is not allowed.
Please do not let your dog dig any holes in the Field as this could cause a hazard for others. Please contact us on the day of your visit to let us know about any such activity, so we can take any steps to deal with it. Let the operators know if you encounter any issues or damage that needs to be dealt with.
Never leave your dogs unattended in the dog field, if you need to leave the dog field you must take your dogs with you.
No BBQ’s are permitted.
There is access to fresh water for your dogs to drink at the top of the Field.
Please bear in mind that if it is dark, then you will be exercising your dogs in the dark – there is no lighting.
Shade and shelter from rain are available.

All dog waste MUST be picked up and disposed of, leaving the Field in the clean state that you would wish to find it in. Please remember this field will regularly be used by families. Failing to pick up dog mess could result in unpleasant and potentially dangerous situation.
Please use the blue poo bins provided. A number of scoops/shovels are provided at points around the field to enable visitors to lift poo piles and transfer them into the bins. Hand santiser is available by the entrance.
Alternatively, Customers may use their own poo bags.
Customers who are observed not collecting their dog waste will be blocked from use of the Field. Regular checks will be made.

You must leave sufficient time to catch your dog so that you have departed before the end of your 55 minute timeslot. Know your dog  – if they are difficult to get back on a lead allow plenty of time before the end of your session. Failure to do so could mean over-running into someone else’s time slot. If this happens repeatedly, customers will be banned from use of the Field.
Any owners who cannot get their dogs back at the end of their session must notify the operators immediately by calling 07905 791207.
Please remove all litter.

You may leave the gate hooked open at the end of your session, ready for the next customer.

Cancellation of your booking is possible up to 48 hours before your timeslot is due to start IF you set up an account. To cancel please go to the Accounts menu from the Home page. ere you will find your account and details of all your bookings. This will not work if you check out as a ‘guest’.

Select the booking that you wish to cancel and click ‘CANCEL”. A refund process will commence. The card that you used for booking will automatically be credited.

Bookings within 48hrs do not qualify for a refund. However, you may allocate your booking to a friend or family member. Just send us an email (at: to let us know of the contact details change. This is in case there are any circumstances in which we need to close the field at short notice, and we would need to let visitors know. Alternatively you can use this Contact Form. It is your responsibility to ensure they read these terms and conditions in advance of their visit and agree to abide by them

In line with the GDPR data protection law, we will strive to protect your privacy and only use the data you provide so that you can receive information about your booking.  It is also vital to retain your contact details so we can reach you in an emergency, such as unexpected field closure.  Your information will never shared with third parties.  

****Restricted Breeds – Additional Terms of Use –  from February 1st 2024****

The Government have stipulated that it will be illegal to own an XL bully- type dog from February 1st 2024 unless the dog is on an exempt list, called the Index of Exempted Dogs. People who want to keep their dogs have until the end of January 2024 to register them with the exempt list, and will then be forced to comply with strict requirements.

At Go Frolic, we believe it is important that ALL dogs have access to sufficient exercise, and we are happy to accommodate restricted breeds.  The key is to manage their use of the field carefully, in a way that is safe and for all.  It is hoped our policy will be helpful for the owners of the restricted breeds, but also provide peace of mind to all users of the field.  If you have any concerns, please do get in touch with us.

After February 1st, if you are the owner of an XL Bully type dog and wish to use the field, there are a number of additional conditions that you must meet.  If you cannot meet the conditions listed below, we are sorry but we cannot accommodate you at Go Frolic. This may appear heavy handed but we are obliged to follow the legal advice given by our insurance providers and take responsibility for the safety of both our customers and the general public.

You must inform us in advance that you are intending to bring an exempted dog by ticking the relevant box on the booking form. Anyone found to be not complying with these conditions will be blocked from use of the field and further steps could be considered, if it is found the law has been broken.

  1. Your dog must be registered with the index of exempted dog (IED) AND hold a public liability insurance certificate.   You will need to provide us with a copy of both these certificates before arriving for your first visit, and have received a receipt of our acknowledgement in return.  Please take a clear photograph of the pages of both certificates and email to us at:    You may not use the field unless you have obtained our permission in this way.  This only needs to happen for the first visit but we may check your public liability cover on an annual basis.
  2. The dog must have been neutered and have a Micro Chip with up to date owner details – in line with Government rules.
  3. Whilst visiting Go Frolic the dog to handler ratio must be a maximum of 1 restricted dog per handler at all times.  One handler may not bring two XL bully dogs – two handlers would be required for two dogs of this type.  If XL Bully owners have other breeds of dog from the same household it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your household’s dogs whilst off lead.  If there are dogs present from different households, any XL Bully type dog will need to remain muzzled and on a lead at all times.
  4. Owners must ‘lock’ themselves inside the field, by clipping the chained carabiner onto the ring on the gatepost.   This will prevent any accidental or unauthorised entry by a third party from the outside.   It is essential that the field is secured in this way immediately on arrival, before letting your dogs out of the car.  Any dogs arriving on foot must be kept on a lead and muzzled, until the gate is shut and secured, behind them.  Once the field gate is secured behind you, you can remove the lead and muzzle. On departure, the dog must be put back on a lead and muzzled before unlocking and opening the gate to leave the field.
  5. Adherence to the field’s timeslot rules are particularly important.   Please ensure you are not early for your timeslot. If you do arrive early you must wait in the Village Hall car park until your timeslot begins.  As is standard practice, NEVER attempt to enter the field when there is someone in there already.    Any issues in this regard, please all Lucy on 07905 791207.   Be sure to have left the field at 55 minutes past the hour to provide the required 5 minute buffer period.

Thank you for your understanding.   With these measures in place, everyone should be able to use our facility safely and with peace of mind.

If you have any queries please get in touch at: or by calling the number above.

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