A dog collects a tennis ball while exercising in our enclosed dog walking field.

Why visit a dog field?

Why visiting a dog field is a good idea

You don’t need a specific reason to visit Go Frolic’s dog field, it’s a good place to have a leg stretch, a chin wag with friends, or a worry free dog walk. But there are various reasons why dog fields are gaining in popularity. 

Dog Training

A frequent reason is for distraction-free training. With a new or young dog, working on things like recall is much easier when you know that there won’t be another dog bounding up to distract, and of course, you know there’s no escape! You can use the field for your own training or, if you need a bit of help, drop us a line and we can put you in touch with excellent local trainers. We are also planning our own training sessions so keep an eye on our social media feeds for details.

Are you a professional trainer? You’d be very welcome to use Go Frolic for your clients. Please drop us a line by email at: somersham@gofrolic.co.uk to make arrangements.


For some dogs, being let off lead anywhere is not an option and is just too challenging and stressful for owners.   For some larger or particularly active breeds, providing enough exercise for them ‘on lead’ is time-consuming and not always possible. In a secure field, such dogs can go at their desired pace and really let off the steam they naturally need to.

Avoiding Others

A private setting is perfect for easily stressed, timid, or anxious dogs (or owners!) who do not wish to meet others (dogs or people!).   It’s also very useful for elderly dogs, who no longer wish to be bowled over by an enthusiastic would be playmate!

…….Or Meeting Other Dogs!

If, on the other hand, you fancy social dog walks, keep an eye out for our social sessions. These will be advertised on our social media feeds.

Achieving Fitness Goals!

There’s only so much time in the day. Your dog needs a run (that’s pretty non-negoatiable!) but, hang on, so do you! Here, you can let your dog off lead whilst you concentrate on your own fitness. Two birds, one stone. Run some laps! Lunge! Stretch! Bring a rug – Yoga time! Either way you can safely ignore your hound whilst you downward dog yourself!


Go Frolic is a great place for a dog related celebration! Just a few mins from the A14, it’s the perfect place for the annual meet up with your dog’s litter mates. Or why not hold a birthday party for you dog with his or her friends (yes we can arrange party bags)!. What about organising your breed club meet here? We can organise hire of the adjacent village hall toilets for you too, for longer events. Just drop us a line on: somersham@gofrolic.co.uk and we’ll be happy to discuss!

A dog enjoying a walk in our secure dog field.
A dog leaps over an obstacle in our enclosed dog walking field,
Three dogs enjoying our enclosed dog walking field.
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